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Get ready for an inspection.

  1. You need to file a non-exposure certification with TCEQ or get an SWPPP
  2. You also need to file a notice of Intent (NOI) and file for a storm water permit.

Usually, when city contacts you, they have to give you 30 days to act.
You must address issues or you may be scheduled to meet with a city attorney. It is imperative that you get into compliance as quickly as possible. One of our project managers can visit your site in the next few days. We’ll do a walk-thru inspection with you to get a clear analysis of the situation and provide simple instructions for your next steps.

Call 214-564-3588 or email us to request a free site evaluation.

NOTE: Please DO NOT make changes to the site before we do the inspection. 

You don’t want to waste time or money. So often, we have arrived for a walk-thru to find changes that were unnecessary, expensive and worst – unhelpful in the mission to get in compliance – in fact, sometimes the situation is actually made worse.